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AgriTrial Central™ is an integrated tool, accommodating data at any point in the product development cycle, tracking development of the data through product launch. The cloud-based data management tool features an integrated statistical analysis package to extend the value of your research.

Field development staff and cooperators will find it easy to load data directly into the system as it is collected at the trial site. The web-enabled AgriTrial Central streamlines the process of entering data, images, documents and other files as they’re available from the field and allows for importing results at a later date. All that is needed is internet connectivity, in the field or office. The tool turns research into custom charts and graphs to accurately compare information and share with others in a presentable format.

Data are delivered in Excel format for use in SAS, ARM or other packages to ensure usability of the findings.

AgriTrial Central was built on the base of AgriTrend’s agronomic software, which has been refined over more than 20 years, serving clients throughout North America.

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