Product and technical diligence services deliver a complete evaluation of the product or company, industry and influencing factors related to your investment. This provides a greater level of confidence relating to the risks and opportunities as the decision process is taking place.

AgriThority product & technical diligence services include:

  • De-risking new technology acquisitions through scientific evaluations
  • Evaluation, testing, analysis and confirmation of technical positioning
  • Confidential evaluation in support of phased M&A initiatives
  • Competitive product analyses
  • Comparative positioning analysis
  • Global regulatory consulting and submission
  • Intellectual property research

Case Study #1: A national supplier of agricultural products and services desired to grow its business through the completion of a comprehensive precision agriculture tool. AgriThority evaluated a range of alternatives to determine the scalable technology which best fit management’s vision for the tool. Searching alternatives around the world, AgriThority presented the most versatile tool for consideration. Upon the recommendation of the foreign technology company by AgriThority, the client acquired a 10 percent stake. This stake has increased more than 100X in value, from $6 million to €600 million, within six years. The company used the tool as the basis for its precision agriculture program and is widely recognized as the standard in the industry.
Case Study #2: Two major manufacturers of turf and ornamental, and pest control products who planned to merge asked AgriThority to help build the blueprint for a dynamic business model. We evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of both companies in the marketplace, as well as those of the competition, and conducted a distribution channel audit in order to build a strategy that created synergy for the new entity. The result was a smooth transition and a greater-than-expected level of performance for the new company.


Case Study #3: A full-service retailer of crop production products wanted to offer its own high performing vegetable seed lineup to enhance its value for grower customers. AgriThority performed research to identify the crop with the greatest value to the company’s audience, evaluated proprietary varieties for purchase and selected seed with the most desirable traits. AgriThority then designed the trial and evaluation matrix to narrow the seed varieties from 56 to the first six in the company’s proprietary seed portfolio with competitive data proving elite performance against competitors.