You create it. We prove it.

Explore the potential and position your technologies with scientific data and analysis. The global agriculture industry is rapidly developing. From small technology companies to large multinationals basic in research and development, AgriThority is engaged to facilitate change built on sound science through field and clinical research to document position and value.

By working with AgriThority, you gain access to our extensive AgriCertified™ Network of product development managers and vetted CROs for consistent protocol across multiple continents and seasons.

AgriThority provides a suite of product development, field and clinical data generation, collection and analysis services to help you move new or emerging technology through to commercialization, including:

  • Strategic business and product planning
  • Product development & technical consultation
  • Protocol development with thorough, supervised execution
  • Field and clinical research and development
  • Data management, analyses and storage
  • Product positioning in “Best Management Practices”

We provide credible, third-party data with real world application.

As an independent contractor for third-party research, our data collection process ensures you get the consistency and continuity your product development or business demands. Instead of delivering a “data dump,” AgriThority assimilates and summarizes data. Our experienced staff provides interpretation and recommendations to extend the value of your data in a broad range of global sectors including horticulture, field crops and animal agriculture across most geographies. We provide services and insights beyond the field and throughout the development process for entrepreneurial, international companies and established multinationals.

Our AgriTrial Central data storage and retrieval software delivers results. Including comprehensive collection of field data and images at any point in the product cycle from discovery or concept to product launch. This integrated package allows you to analyze data as well as upload images, notes and ancillary data which are transformed into charts and graphs to share with team members, stakeholders or eventually your technical sales group.