Exceed the Seed, An Agrithority Initiative


7th Annual Exceed the Seed® Symposium
Hyatt Regency Hotel – Chicago  |  Crystal Ballroom A  |  West Tower
Monday, December 9, 2019
7 a.m. – Noon



Previous Events:


Exploiting Innovations to Enhance Potential

The 2018 Symposium featured speakers from USC LLC, GSI Group, Inc., Indigo Agriculture, Trace Genomics, NewLeaf Symbiotics, Pivot Bio, Marrone Bio Innovations and Douglas Products Plant Health Division.

View 2018 Exceed the Seed presentations.


Presentations from the 5th Annual Exceed the Seed

The 2017 Symposium featured speakers from DowDuPont, Incotec, Pivot Bio, Pro Farm Technologies and AgriThority.

View 2017 Exceed the Seed presentations.


Presentations from the 4th Annual Exceed the Seed

The 2016 Symposium featured speakers from AgBiome, Kaiima, Plant Response, Monsanto BioAg, Smartfield, Syngenta and Vestaron.

View 2016 Exceed the Seed presentations.


Presentations from the 3rd Annual Exceed the Seed

The 2015 Symposium presented new technologies in seed treatment and groundbreaking insight in plant nutrition.

View 2015 Exceed the Seed presentations.


The Strategic 30: Setting the Stage for Plant Performance

The 2014 Symposium addressed the importance of the first 30 days after germination in growing a high-performing crop. Presentations revealed novel approaches to seed treatment.

View 2014 Exceed the Seed presentations.


The Role of Seed Treatment – Technologies in Breaking Yield Barriers.

View 2013 Exceed the Seed presentations.