Jerry Duff

President & Founder

Jerry Duff specializes in the technical foundation, development and introduction of products with a particular focus on their fit into Best Management Practices systems. He is widely recognized for his vision and strategy development capabilities, and for his ability to work with the technical community. His experience includes farm business planning and farm management and agricultural economics. He has spent more than 30 years in the agriculture industry and provided services to clients worldwide. His agri-business experience includes grain, oilseed, cotton, biomass, trees and vines, vegetable production, turf, ornamentals, beef and dairy cattle, equine and small animal health. Resume (PDF)


Marco Toapanta, PhD

Director – Science & Technology

Dr. Toapanta has more than 15 years of experience in agricultural research management. He is recognized for his expertise in crop protection, seed treatment and seed-applied technologies, and technical competence in agriculture, entomology, pest management, specialty crops, tropical fruits and vegetables. As AgriThority Director – Science & Technology, Marco oversees and defines standardized processes and guides science and technology development projects. He works with Account Managers, science-based staff and Associates.

Fred Tennant

Fred Tennant

International Business Development Manager – Asia

Tennant is responsible for International Business Development in the US West Coast, India, China and other Asian markets. He has more than 30 years of experience in international business marketing and development, technology commercialization and consulting. As International Business Development Manager, Tennant will leverage his experience with start-up and venture-funded companies and help clients to grow their business and achieve objectives in global commercialization, product licensing and sales. He has a proven history of managing global operations, with emphasis in sales management, contract negotiation and government relations. His expertise includes new agriculture technologies, including biostimulants, plant growth hormones, soil amendments and other specialty products. Resume (PDF)


Atilla Akin

Business Manager – EMEA

Atilla Akin is a proven leader in seed treatment with extensive knowledge of the industry landscape in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is well-versed in seed technology development with a specialty in commercializing new technologies. Akin has broad experience developing, registering and marketing seed treatments and agrochemicals through experience with DuPont, NuFarm and Chemtura. Akin has a strong record of successfully managing product portfolios, introducing new technologies while growing markets for existing products. As Business Manager, Akin is in charge of product and field development services and business development services to commercialize new products as well as providing valuable insight to clients as they launch technologies in new markets globally.Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Andrew Alexander

Account Manager – Australia & New Zealand

Andrew Alexander has more than 20 years of experience in sales, customer relations and sales management in both corporate and independent distribution channels. He is recognized for successfully driving customer growth through effective team leadership, increased product distribution and commercial management. Andrew is the point person in a strategic partnership between Imtrade Australia and AgriThority to facilitate a full range of regulatory, product development, field development, business development and market access services on behalf of AgriThority. As the Account Manager for Australia and New Zealand, he will guide clients in the region as they develop and test new technologies and accelerate their path to commercialization in the region and globally.


Ignacio Colonna

Research Manager – Latin America

Ignacio Colonna is an experienced researcher and a proven research operations manager. He oversees all lab, greenhouse and field research operations, as well as data analysis and analytics projects in Latin America for AgriThority clients. Colonna has a strong track record coordinating research design, execution, data collection and analysis of field trials. Most recently, Colonna was a research scientist at Pioneer Argentina SRL where he was responsible for hybrid advancement decisions for the temperate program in Pergamino, the new Cordoba breeding program and the North region testing program. His characterization work involved the development of analytical tools based on environmental data and crop models to support corn hybrid positioning and implementation of new technologies for phenotyping. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Gerardo Copello

Agronomist, Business & Marketing Specialist

Gerardo Copello is recognized globally as a business development expert for conventional and biological/natural crop protection and high value fertility products. He also has a broad range of expertise in bio-energy crops. His 35 years of experience cover a wide range of agricultural and horticultural applications. Copello has worked with multinational crop protection companies in technical services and business management throughout Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Michael DeSa

Michael DeSa’s technical background, years of leadership and project management experience with the U.S. Marine Corps and extensive travels and investment experience throughout Latin America make him uniquely qualified to strategically counsel companies and investors throughout the region. He has guided high net worth individuals and institutional investors in every aspect of foreign land investments from project sourcing and risk assessment/mitigation, to boots-on-the ground due diligence, overseas land management and ownership structuring. DeSa has detailed farming experience with a wide variety of row and permanent crops, hydroponic greenhouse produce, bees, and proteins. He is also a published author with articles appearing in Global AgInvesting, Agri Investor, Huffington Post, and the Marine Corps Gazette. DeSa graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in agricultural engineering. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Ryan Dierking, PhD

Research Scientist

Dr. Dierking is a proven research manager with expertise in planning, execution and delivery of field development programs including protocol development, data collection, trial reporting and analysis. He has a track record of successfully replicating field trials across multiple locations while maintaining consistency in implementation and evaluation. Dr. Dierking is proficient in a broad range of row crops and bioenergy crops, with a specialty in corn, sorghum, soybean, wheat and forage. As the AgriThority Research Scientist, he is responsible for developing, implementing and reporting field research vital to the successful evaluation of clients’ products and technologies. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Cheston Easter

Project Controller

Easter is well-versed in global project management, logistics management and budgeting. Throughout his career, Easter has met short- and long-term objectives by establishing buying programs, managing corporate hedging programs and assisting in the development of new suppliers. As project controller, Easter will define project goals and objectives, manage budgets and timelines and proactively communicate with internal and external partners to advance projects efficiently. He has a proven track record of analyzing costs, revenue and risks to maintain project budgets and timelines. Resume (PDF)


Faustine Fournié

Project Manager – France

Fournié has an excellent track record on agronomic problem-solving while meeting deadlines and budgets. She has years of experience as field development lead with responsibilities in project monitoring, product development, regulatory affairs and resistance monitoring programs. As project manager in France, Fournié leads and supports business development, product development and regulatory projects. Her background in crop protection as technical support for regulatory, marketing and sales allows her to manage projects efficiently with a focus on how the results will impact production at the grower level. Fournié previously worked for FMC Agricultural Solutions as Registration Officer with responsibility for the FMC portfolio in Middle-East, Africa, CIS and Maghreb , Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Al Green

Research Associate – North America

Green is widely recognized for leading research initiatives from project planning, trial design and implementation to oversight and analysis. He has more than two decades of experience developing cutting-edge technologies, including agrichemical pesticides, traits (GMO and non-GMO), seeds, plant growth regulators, stimulants and even food ingredients. Throughout his career, Green has performed field and greenhouse trials to fully understand product performance and generate data required for product launch in markets around the world. As Research Associate for North America, Green designs, manages and analyzes research objectives, protocols and trials for AgriThority clients. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Dave Guthrie, PhD


Dave Guthrie has more than 25 years of experience and is well-versed in agronomic research, has experience in developing products for the market and a background in extension and education. His experience includes positions with Stoneville Pedigree Seed Company, Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, the National Cotton Council and North Carolina State University. He was awarded the Man of the Year in Service to North Carolina Agriculture by Progressive Farmer in 1992. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Estefanía Hinarejos

Regulatory & Account Manager – Europe

Hinarejos is well-versed in the development of biostimulants, biofertilizers and biopesticides, including significant experience in the regulatory pathways for these bio-inputs. Throughout her professional career she has completed research and submitted patents related to Bacillus subtilis genus, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterias (PGPR’s) and organic regenerators for soil. As regulatory and account manager, Hinarejos leads regulatory and market access projects for clients associated with agronomic and horticulture crops in Europe. Hinarejos also leads account management initiatives and works with AgriThority leadership to conduct strategic business planning and analyses. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Krishan Jindal, PhD

Research Scientist & Agronomist

Jindal has more than 27 years of academic and industry experience with expertise in crop protection, seed, agronomy and nutrient management, technology transfer, plant breeding and technical support. His professional background includes positions with the Australian Wheat Board India Pvt. Ltd, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Punjab Agricultural University and the University of Horticulture and Forestry in Solan, India. Most recently, Jindal served as head of scientific affairs for Savannah Seeds Pvt. Ltd, where he managed agronomy trials, germplasm collection, varietal performance, data analysis and established key relationships with federal and provincial ministries and research institutes in India. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Erol Karkan

Regional Manager – Europe

Karkan has more than 30 years of experience working with pesticides, biological products, fertilizers and surfactants. He is proficient in business strategy and product management from development and product registration to product launch, distribution and sales. His demonstrated skillsets in forecasting, problem-solving and budget management have increased product sales and profitability for clients. As Regional Manager, Karkan leads projects in Germany, North and West Europe, the Balkans and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Prior to joining AgriThority, Karkan held sales and marketing management positions for FMC and BASF. Resume (PDF)


Zhonghua Li

Account Manager

ZhongHua Li adds more than 20 years of pesticide business development experience and 10 years of plant protection experience. He also possesses a strong background in recruitment, training and management of sales teams. Zhonghua brings a deep understanding of local environments and agronomics that will streamline the product development process. He also has a deep understanding of distribution channels in China and Southeast Asia.


AJ Ornellas

Account Manager – Latin America

Ornellas has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and sales for crop protection companies in Brazil and Latin America. He has played an integral role in the creation and development of strategic campaigns for new products, from market research to brand development and distribution. As AgriThority Account Manager for Latin America, Ornellas is responsible for business development and management for AgriThority clients in his region. He will provide project management for product and field development services and will direct business development services to commercialize new products and will provide valuable insight to clients as they launch technologies in new markets globally. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Dinara Sadykova

Dinara Sadykova

Project Manager – Ukraine & CIS

Sadykova leads regulatory and business development projects for clients in Ukraine and CIS countries. Her strong communication skills and knowledge of the agriculture market benefit clients as they test, evaluate and introduce new technologies to agricultural markets. Sadykova has more than 14 years of experience in logistics, contract preparation and product registration procedure, drawing from her previous position with FMC. Prior to FMC, she was a teacher and translator, working with the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, Kyiv State University and the Ministry of Health.

Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw

Research Logistics & Operations Manager

Shaw has worked in agriculture for more than 40 years. An entomologist by training, Shaw most recently was Fiber Development Manager, Cotton Team, at Bayer CropScience, where he operated in the textile and apparel market globally with branded upland cotton fiber. His roles at Bayer CropScience and legacy companies Aventis CropScience, Rhone-Poulenc and Union Carbide spanned global product development, field development and technical services. He has managed technical support across broad-acre crops, vegetables, trees and vines, and specialty crops, including sugar cane and rice. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Jeff Sorrell

Jeff Sorrell

Account Manager – Market Analyst

Jeff Sorrell has more than 35 years of US and international experience in sales, development and executive management. He has created and implemented long-term, sustainable strategies and initiatives with P&L responsibility for a diverse list of agricultural companies. Throughout his career, Sorrell has managed multi-million dollar development projects for major crop protection companies including Bayer CropScience and its legacy companies, as well as Nufarm, often exceeding annual growth targets. His expertise in regulatory, registration and training procedures is recognized globally. As a project manager and market analyst for AgriThority, Sorrell determines new opportunities for emerging and established products and technologies. Resume (PDF)

István Szabó

István Szabó

Regional Manager – Europe

Szabó is an accomplished market development manager with a proven history of establishing business in foreign markets. He has more than 20 years of marketing support and project management experience. Szabó has led technical development, market strategy, product launch, portfolio management and budget planning and monitoring for agricultural companies throughout Europe. He is well-versed in the areas of plant protection, nutrient management, soil health and agricultural microbiology. As Regional Manager, Szabó will lead field development and business development services for clients in Central Europe.Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Ruben Villasante

Account Manager for Mexico and Central America

Villasante has more than 32 years of international experience in business development, marketing, sales and management. Through management positions with leading agricultural companies, he has demonstrated a strong background in strategy, leadership and product development for Latin American markets. Villasante is recognized for creating and implementing marketing, training, stewardship and safety programs for Latin American, North American and global markets. Prior to joining AgriThority Villasante worked for FMC Corporation where he built the company’s reputation as a leader in the insecticide market. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Sergei Yanovskiy

Sergei Yanovskiy

Agronomy Manager – Ukraine & CIS

Yanovskiy leads all field programs in Ukraine and select CIS countries. He has more than two decades of field development experience, leading teams on the evaluation of product performance in environments that effectively demonstrate value to growers. Yanovskiy provides clients with extensive knowledge of the registration process and the data required to efficiently register new products.


Jin Zhang

Project Manager

Jin Zhang has four years of applied experience in field research, with a specialty in corn, soybean, and cotton agronomy, including root analysis and their impact on plant health and productivity. Jin is an expert on the WinRhizo digital root analysis system. He earned his Master of Science degree in molecular biology at the University of Arkansas, completing a study of thermo-tolerance mechanisms through identifying cotton heat-related genes. As an AgriThority employee, Jin is in charge of Chinese agricultural business market analyses, WinRhizo root analysis research and contributes to other international research projects.


ShiGui Zhang

Research Manager – China

ShiGui Zhang has nearly 30 years of experience as an agronomist and crop scientist in the Chinese agriculture industry, specializing in cotton seed production, processing, evaluation and treatment. He is recognized in China as an authority on Best Management Practices and Integrated Pest Management programs and studied cotton physiology and production for a year at Texas A&M University.


Keith Eisberg

Director of International Development Projects

Keith Eisberg has nearly 30 years of international and domestic agricultural consulting experience. The majority of his assignments have been with The World Bank to analyze and implement viable production and agricultural improvements in developing countries. He also has worked with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID). He is skilled in analyzing crop production costs, revenue budgeting, feasibility studies, cropping patterns and best management practices to improve farmer profitability. Resume (PDF)


Neil William Forrester, PhD

Entomologist/Biotechnology Specialist

Neil Forrester has been deeply involved in the development and application of biotechnology in field and horticulture crops. He is credited with the introduction and maintenance of the first insecticide resistance management strategy for conventional insecticides in cotton as well as for the inception of the Bt cotton resistance management strategy. Dr. Forrester earned his PhD at the University of Queensland and went on to work for a major multinational seed company where he led business development programs in India and was responsible for the technical development of new markets in Africa, the Sub-Continent, the CIS and South America. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


David E. Lincoln, PMP

Unmanned Aerial Systems Expert

Lincoln has more than 20 years of technical experience managing the development and fielding of high-tech systems and equipment. He has worked with companies such as Alion Science and Technology, Insitu, Inc. and General Dynamics. In addition to his commercial experience, Lincoln has extensive military experience including positions in shipboard tactical aviation operations, program manager for training systems with the US Naval Air Systems Command and as an air operations officer and change management coordinator for the USS Enterprise.


Giovanni Miglio, PhD

Crop Protection Specialist & Agronomist

Miglio has more than 32 years of technical experience with expertise in field trials, product development and registration, regulatory approval, and cultivating key business relationships. He is well-versed in the subjects of plant pathology, entomology, herbicides and plant growth regulators. Miglio’s professional background includes positions with a variety of Italian institutions and companies including the University of Bologna, Coltivatori Diretti and Rhone-Poulenc Agro. Most recently, Miglio served as research and development manager for Agrimport.


Bennie Oosthuizen

Marketing Management

Bennie Oosthuizen has more than 40 years’ experience in the Agricultural Chemical Industry in sales and marketing management. His professional background includes 33 years of business management at Uniroyal Chemical / Crompton Chemical / Chemtura where he was responsible for the company’s business in Sub-Sahara Africa from 1978 until he retired in 2011. Before that Bennie worked for Bayer for a period of 10 years in sales and product management. Most recently Bennie worked as an agricultural marketing consultant representing a number of European based agricultural chemical suppliers.


Ottavio Raucci, PhD

Agronomist, Business & Marketing Specialist

Ottavio Raucci has more than 35 years experience in agriculture business development and business management. His professional background includes global marketing and sales with Monsanto Company and business management with Uniroyal Chemical/Chemtura (Crop Protection Division). Most recently, Raucci has worked as an agricultural business development consultant representing biotechnology companies from Europe to Southeast Asia. Raucci earned a technical agronomist diploma from S. Severo (FG) at Superior Agricultural School and a PhD in Agriculture Sciences from Naples University. Ottavio is responsible for business development and project management for AgriThority® in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Wayne Vanderwert, PhD

Livestock Production Specialist

Wayne Vanderwert has more than 30 years of experience in animal agriculture in the beef industry and business management and will serve as the AgriThority animal agriculture project manager. His professional background includes university extension at the University of Minnesota; teaching at South Dakota State University and the University of Illinois; director of education and research and vice president of the North American Limousin Foundation; financial and agri-business development manager at Vested Interest; executive director of the American Gelbvieh Association. Presently, Vanderwert serves as manager and co-owner of H-Squared Genetics, a genetics analysis and herd data management company.