2018 Exceed the Seed Agenda

December 3, 2018
Hyatt Regency Hotel – Chicago  |  Crystal Ballroom A
Breakfast: 7 am  |  Presentations: 8 am – 12:30 pm
Moderated by Dr. Marco Toapanta, Director – Science & Technology, AgriThority

7:00 am: Breakfast & Networking


8:00 am: Welcome & Introductions

Jerry Duff, President – Founder, AgriThority


Innovations in Treater Equipment to Keep Pace with Seed-Applied Technologies

Andy Renyer, Owner/CEO, USC, LLC, and
Derek Hemphill, Director of Sales and Service for North America Seed, GSI Group, Inc.

Indigo Wheat™ 2018 Harvest: A New Production Model for Enhanced Yield

Michael Gusefski, Senior Product Manager, Indigo

Managing the Soil Microbiome

Dr. Ariel Zajdband, Head of Product, Trace Genomics

Using Microbial Technology as a Complement to Traditional Cropping Methods & Inputs to Enhance Crop Yield

Mike McFatrich, Vice President, Business Strategy & Development, NewLeaf Symbiotics


Early Plant Nutrition for Maximum Plant Performance and Yield

Dr. Ryan Dierking, Research Scientist, AgriThority

The Future of Fertilizer Utilizing Pivot Bio Technology

Ernie Sanders, Vice President, Product Development, Pivot Bio

Gaining Ground Through the Power of Biology and the Consistency of Chemistry

Kevin Hammill, Chief Commercial Officer, Marrone Bio Innovations

Biologicals Alone or in Combination: The Best of Both Worlds Colliding

Vince Adams, President, Douglas Products Plant Health Division

Summary & Adjourn

Jerry Duff, President – Founder, AgriThority