December 4, 2017
Chicago – Hyatt Regency Hotel

The Fifth Annual Exceed the Seed® Symposium featured presentations by scientists and entrepreneurs driving innovation in the seed industry.
Topics included:
    • Advanced Seed Applied Technologies
    • New Seed Coatings to Improve Loading Capacities
    • Overcoming Field Experiment Challenges of Biostimulants
View the presentations below.

Seed Applied Technologies Providing Advanced Grower Solutions

Dr. Alex Cochran, Global Leader of Seed Applied Technology Integrated Field Sciences, the Ag Division of DowDuPont

Innovative Advances in Seed Coating Technology

Dr. Terry Meyer, Research Manager, North and South America, Incotec, Croda

Novel Technology Advances Plant Physiology to Enhanced Yield Gains

Matti Tiainen, CEO, Pro Farm Technologies

Seed Treatment Industry – Historical Perspectives

Will Polese, Director, Food/Beverage/Agriculture, MarketsandMarkets